And here...we...go!

A message from thecollector113
Long have i searched for a blog like your's. know that the time you take is appreciated..

Thank you so much, you kind person, for this really nice, heartening message! It honestly means a lot to me that you like the blog, and that the effort I put in isn’t in vain. 

Helloooo:) Pleasee could you make me a Batman Blog Banner? If you can't its ok:)


Hi!!! :P I’m not sure when you sent this message - I haven’t checked my inbox in a while. That you would request my “expertise” is very nice of you, but the thing is, I’m really no pro at making banners…at all. There are loads of banners on tumblr about a hundred times nicer than the ones I made. I plan on making a couple sometime soon, though, in a few more colours. I checked out your blog and it’s very pretty, by the way :)

A message from Anonymous
As much as i enjoyed watching what heath ledger did with the joker, which was pretty awesome, i still prefer nicholson's lol.


Hello followers new and old. Thank you for your kindness in sticking around even when updating was a little slow…or non-existent. It’s a lot of work making caps and adding dialogue and editing, and I mean, who’s gonna choose screen-grabbing these brilliant films when you could be watching ‘em instead?